‘Round Here

It doesn't really matter what you put on the celebrate plate so much as the fact that you get it out. ;D

For example.  Here is a rather "boring" egg sandwich.  A staple in our house.  This is what Corey and I had for lunch together the other day.  The reason it is on the celebrate plate is because he got a new job and got the news just minutes before.  He talked about how special getting the plate out was days later. ;D

When you want to make a statement...or just be noticed.  I recommend these...

Real love is sitting at a concert waiting for your child to perform...and you have to sit thru the entire thing because they are LAST.  Not to take away from the other kids.  But let's be real.  I just wanted to see Ava perform.  Yes.  That selfish part of me.  The nervous wreck part of me.  The part of me that wanted her part to be done so I could relax and enjoy the rest.  Self admittedly I am quite possibly the worst person for saying that.  But admit it.  You feel it too.  At least from time to time. ;D

I don't have a photo to describe this...but lately it has been a stream of hormones and emotions and first boyfriends, talking on the phone, fighting to get homework done, failing grades, forgetfulness, sassy mouths, more hormones, more fighting...between all of us...and a host of other things.  And no one is a teenager yet.  There are days when weary is a very good explanation of how I feel.  And I think...the worst is yet to come.

Just to add some humor...Here's what the kids do to Baxter when he sits still long enough.

Lastly...this year's birth-a-versary present.  To know what I'm referring to see this post.  Corey got me this...

This is the iPod Classic.  No I don't like any other version of the iPod.  Except this one.  It is so not new anymore they refer to it as the "Classic".  I think it is more expensive than the iPod Touch. 🙁  Oy!  Don't call me old...I'd rather think of myself as "retro". That's "in", right?  Anyway...I've wanted one of these suckers since they came out.  Thank you, Honey!  We've been married 18 years this month btw. ;D

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  1. Wendy N
    Overwelmed, brain overload are a few words I would use...Congrats to Corey and his new job! Definitely a reason to use the Celebrate plate! Yeah to Ava and her concert! Sorry you had to wait until the end, it's the things we do for our children that make us who we are. Happy Anniversay to you and Corey! Another reason to celebrate :o)