Rockin’ With Photoshop

I'm taking Now We're Rockin' With Photoshop with Jessica Sprague.  I'm so happy I signed up.  I'm self taught where Photoshop is concerned.  I've just picked up things tutorials, tutorials on Jessica's blog, lots of reading and just plain poking around with it.  I read the course prerequisites and felt pretty comfortable signing up.  I still do.  But I will say this...there is just so much about Photoshop that I don't know!!!!!!!! Wow!  I'm done with the first assignment.  But I seriously want to go back and watch the tutorial again...there is so much information...techniques and'm glad those things will be on there for me to access forever now that I've paid for the class!!!

Here's my week one assignment...

Have any of you taken a class by Jessica Sprague?  If so which one and how did it turn out?

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