Riding in Cars, Talking about Boys

I've been feeling extremely nostalgic lately.  I'm not clear on the cause.  One of the medications that I take periodically makes me feel this way.  Weird I know.  Fall does it to me too.  School starting back up does it too.  It could also be that a close friend of mine was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer.  It could also be that another person that Corey and I know committed suicide a couple weeks ago.  It could be my recent hospital stay.

Or it could be talking with the girls about the things going on in their lives and me relating stories to them about when I was in school.  They LOVE THAT!  It always seems to happen when I'm driving them to school.  I love driving them to school and picking them up.  It gives me a chance to "check in" with them and see what's going on at school and stuff.  I find out the greatest stuff!  I'm enjoying it because I fear one day when they turn teenager on me they will clam up.  But for now I get the skinny on a lot of stuff.  Lately the conversations have been mostly about boys.  And how weird they are.  Cause let's just face it...they are!  ;D

Both of them have had some "issues" with boys at school recently...nothing too major...but just boys being mean or whatever.  So I told them one day..."You know if a boy likes you then he usually is mean to you."  The girls eyes got big as saucers!  There have been example after example of how that has been true.  One boy did something to Ava that landed him in the principal's office and the principal told her, "Boys are so strange.  When they like you they beat you up."  She was like, "That's what my mom says!" ;D

The girls asked me, "Mom?  When you met Dad was he weird?"

"Yes!  He didn't straighten up until about 25!"

They laughed and laughed.

Laney has been having a tough go of it with a little boy in her class.  He won't leave her alone.  He's to the point where he doesn't want her to do anything but play with him and hang out with him and be friends with ONLY him.  He whispers to her in class everyday...."Laney.  Laney.  Laney.  Laney." When she says, "What!"  He just says, "hi!"

"Mom he's so annoying I can't get anything done!!!!"

I know.  Big drama.  But it IS if you are her.

This morning on the way to school I told them about a boy in school that liked me just like this boy likes Laney.  Soon Laney's story wasn't as interesting as my story and they wanted to know all about it.  "This is COOL!"

I've noticed in parenting that all my girls want to know is...did that kind of stuff happen to me and what did I do as a kid?  And sometimes...there is no resolution...at least not one I can think of.  OR we think of one together.  OR they think of something after I tell them all about my childhood woes. ;D  Either way...we get a great laugh out of it...and it draws us closer together.  I'm sure when I pick them up today there will be more about what happened with this boy.  And they will wanna know more about what I did when I was in the same situation.  I don't mind telling them.

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  1. Jeni
    You're such an amazing Momma. Your girls are so lucky to have you. And as the Mom of 2 boyz, I can tell you first hand they are MADE weird...it don't just happen. Oy! <3