Recording Moments + Scrapbooking Tips

Yesterday the girls were in the kitchen doing this...


They were pouring over their yearbooks.  Pointing out themselves and all their friends and teachers and other people they know at their school.  I got such a charge out of listening to them!

Today's post on Ali Edwards blog is, again, fantastic!  I'm sure if you go read it different points will stick out to you depending on where you are at on your creative journey.  They all hit home to me...but the two that were the most meaningful right now were:

2. Examine how you look through the lens of your camera . What do you really see? What are you looking for? Next time you pick up your camera let yourself play a bit more by looking up, down, to the sides, etc. of your subject. There are so many interesting things out there in the world. I am particularly interested in the ways things meet together - people, places, things.

I'm just trying to treat my camera like it is an extension of me.  Rather than treat it like it is a gadget that does things I treat it like it is my eyes.  What do I see everyday that I want to capture and remember years from now?  THEN...when I find what I want to capture I can play with the settings and use the skills that I learned in my photography class.

The second thing that hit home was...

1. Get over what you "think" it should be and just allow it to be ("it" will be something different for every person).

Is this ever ME!  So often I worry too much about what other people think.  Or I over think things.  Or I think my layouts should be something else.  I rarely just create and let them BE!  I compare myself and my work too much to other layouts and to other people and their work instead of just being myself and letting my art develop itself into what it should be.  Oh this is such a hard, hard thing/lesson for me!

I have been doing a fair amount of challenges lately.  Some at Hodge Podge Art blog and quite a few at Designer Digitals.  These keep me going and keep me thinking, motivated and get my work out there for others to critique.  This is good for me.  I often just read the parameters and do my work and then upload without looking at anyone else's work.  That said it makes me so nervous.  Did I "do it right"?  Did I interpret the challenge correctly?  But if I take Ali's advice and "get over what I THINK it should be and let it just BE" then why should I be worried about these things?  "IT" will be different for every person! ;D  That's actually a great thing.  The world would be a very boring place if we all did the same creative stuff!

Here's my latest layout for the Designer Digitals Simply Inspired Contest...


Pattie Knox Fanciful Felt Ribbon-n-Trim Alphabetized Bright Tones
paper Lynn Grievenson Antiquities No 2
journal tab Lynn Grievenson Barcelona Kit
buttons, flower Lynn Grievenson French Summer Kit
green glitter flower Lynn Grievenson Nanyang Kit
bracket Katie Pertiet Barely There Alpha Brushes-n-Stamps
Katie Pertiet border brush
postage stamp Katie Pertiet Storytime Postage Alphas

3 Responses

  1. Jeni
    love your 'capture' lo! I started doing that thing from 'Nemo'; 'bubbles, bubbles, bubbles...' !
  2. Jill
    Love your bubble pics and LO. And here's a scrapbooking tip she didn't cover. (cause yes i went and read her blog) Never agree to do 20 scrapbooks at one time while having 3 small children at home. :) Yes I need a break from scrapbooking. AHHH thanks. When I am back on my Laptop I will download your cool new freebies. And maybe one day I will get to use them!! Ok so much love and can't wait to see you.
  3. Yep we all must do our own thing!! It's what makes the world go round!! Love your layout and your photos!! Fantastic job!