Raspberries and more Reading

With all the rain this year our raspberries have done very well.  They are loaded!  Every day the girls go out and check them.  Tonight there were plenty ripe for all of us to partake! ;D


Laney came home from school today and told me she was reading a chapter book at school.  She said it was in her desk.  I asked her what it was and she said it was a Jack and Annie book.  These are the books that Ava is reading.  So I was a little skeptical.  She assured me she could.  So I told her to grab one of Ava's Jack and Annie books and read some of it to me.  So she did.  And she can!  On big words she has to sound them out but she can do it!  So then I thought, sure she can read it but can she comprehend what she is reading?  So I asked her, "Ok, Laney.  What is happening on this page?"  And she told me.  I waited a few more pages.  I asked her again.  She was able to tell me.  I was very, very proud. ;D


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  1. Great photo of the raspberries. It's been a long time since I've had any. We have dewberries down here but they are ripe in June. Enjoy!! Oh My Goodness to Laney!! That is fantastic!! I know how PROUD you are of her. Just makes your heart swell when you see them accomplish great feats! YES!! Michael is in AR (accelerated reading) at school. He isn't as far as Laney is but he is still doing great. He got 100% on his first book and quiz. He brought home another book last night. It had bigger words in it and he was having problems. I had to keep reminding him to sound them out, he tries to guess what the word is, ugh!! I have always been told Girls read sooner and better than boys but didn't believe it until now...We will just have to work a little harder...But I so want him to be a reader!