What a blessed thing!  When you have had insane heat it is such a relief! ;D  The kids...specifically Ava...have taken to wanting to play out in it.  Laney likes to...as long as there isn't thunder or lightning.  She's terrified of both. ;D  I don't really like them going out when there is lightning.  But I do want them to enjoy the rain.  I captured her out in it the other day.

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  1. Jeni
    There's something about a sibling being content being by themselves. Sometimes I get so tired of hearing "He won't play with me!". Glad to see she's not growing up tooooo fast! You're such a good momma. ;)
  2. fun... the blue umbrella, and water... reminds me of our backyard canapy falling into our pool... {{hugs}}Michelle