Pumpkin Carving Ideas

So you've picked the perfect pumpkin...


When it comes time to carving it what should you do?  I like to be "fancy" in my pumpkin carving.  But fancy doesn't have to be hard! ;D  My favorite thing to do is take a drill and do some variation of this.  So easy!  But still so great looking.

Half the time I get to the carving time and I think, "I wish I had bought one of those pumpkin carving kits." If you don't have one of those kits I'll bet you anything you have some of these tools lying around the house.  And if you are looking for some stencils I found some fun ones here and here.

Happy Carving!

2 Responses

  1. We did our (store bought) pumpkin at a party last weekend and it's starting to look a little sad... I think it's best just a few days before... so they will last for halloween... as for the tools, never bought them or used them until the carving party... and I loved them... they worked wonders... not like I remembered as a kid struggling with the knife and parents standing over you so you wouldn't kill yourself... they were easy and I felt safe letting Rainee use it. Can't wait to see what you all did! {{Hugs}} Michelle
  2. Pumpkins are so darn expensive down here we normally only get one or two but I loved the drill one that had all the pumpkins spelling out words, too cute!! I usually give Michael a dull knife, help him draw the face he wants and then we carve...had a pumpkin carving kit but it wasn't worth the money spent...Dremel tool works great too but I won't let Michael use that, lol...So did Ava pick a white pumpkin? Michael wanted one last year but they were outragiously priced!! I remember growing them and selling them for a buck...Down here for a decent sized one you are going to pay at least $15 or more...