Proof That… little Kia can 4-wheel.

But only to a certain point.  And not without major scrapeage on the side steps. 🙁  We took it on this trail...

After we decided to not drive it any further we parked and hiked.  We were looking for dinosaur tracks.  We've seen them before.  We found more this time (compared to 2008) because when you explore on foot you seem to find more than hanging out the car window.  Go figure.  ;D

4 Responses

  1. Jeni
    Awesome!!!!!!!!!! Wonder if my new Jeep could take those trails on?? Probably, but don't want any scartches yet. :)
  2. Ann
    Dinosaur tracks? wow...that is incredible; I am just thinking how many fun memories the girls are going to have about their childhood. Ann
  3. Wow, what an interesting place:)
  4. corey
    Wow, in the pic that ledge looks totally drivable!