Project 365

Have you been thinking about Project 365?  I have.  I've been thinking of all the different ways you can do it...especially since the kits are sold out.  This is ok!  It's a chance for us to use our creative noggins! ;D

Why do Project 365 in the first place?  Well I was thinking about it the other I really want to do committed.  And I thought of a couple of good reasons to...

1.  If you take more photos it will make you a better photographer.  Plain and simple.  I want that!

2.  If you remember that you have to take a photo for the day and you haven't yet...take a photo of mundane life...after all isn't that what life is mostly about?  Do not put any pressure on yourself!  I've been talking about stopping long enough to look at ordinary moments...and suddenly they don't look so ordinary anymore...they become extraordinary.  Aren't we the sum of our memories...big and small?

For photo for today is this...Just to show you I'm not putting any pressure on myself I'll post my everyday life photo...

ava at breakfast

I just picked up the camera and took a photo of what was happening at the making sure things were perfect or picked up or dressed right or you can see the dirty napkin on the table and Ava in her robe at the table.  Normal everyday life.  More of the point of Project 365 right???

So...the kits are all sold out...what do you do?  Options.  Here is what I've done with my first week.  I took my own advice...thank you Michelle...and sewed custom fit page protectors.  This is from one of my earlier posts.  If you click on the link you can find all the explanations of how to do these.

My friend Michelle has some tips on her blog about these custom made page protectors.  They are excellent ideas!  If anyone has any other ideas let me know!

Michelle also has her custom made pages for her take on the Project 365 posted for her first week over on her blog.  She did an excellent job! ;D




Supplies Used:
American Craft Page Protectors
Jen Maddocks Days of Week 365 Brush
American Crafts Thickers Stickers
7 Gypsies Savannah Large Clear Stamped
Heidi Swapp Ghost Shape Heart
Heidi Grace Alpha + Words Glitter Stickers
Hambly Screen Prints Brocade
Zig Millennium Pen
Prismacolor White Art Pencil
Gelly Roll Pen

The days of the week cards are a digital brush that I created.  I printed out a sheet of them on white cardstock and just placed them in the pockets.  Here is the brush if you would like to download it.


I was also thinking about my friend Kendra who does all digital scrapbooking now.  And so I designed a template for Project 365 for those of you who like to do digi work.  This is my own take...didn't want to copy the original Project 365 exactly! ;D  Click on the pics to download.


And then one more thing.  I have another brush that I's in the template above.  It's the year 2009 in the top left corner.  Here it is below and if you click on the photo you can download it as well.


If you use any of the brushes or the template please let me know how they turn out!  I would love to see!

3 Responses

  1. Loved your year brush on the Easter layout so I came here to check it out...Very nice Ma'am! I downloaded them and hope to use them! I'm not famaliar with brushes, I have used them but not a whole lot. So wish me luck, lol...
  2. Your page turned out great!!! As usual! I also added a p.s. to my blog about your page... thanks for the customize blog page...I wouldn't have been able to do the 365 days project without it... you're the best!!! {{HUGS}} Michelle
  3. Thanks for all the goodies you are sharing! I am gonna have to try that file sharing thing. Your layout slide show is AMAZING!