Project 365 Week 10

I noticed that taking a photography class has 'encouraged' me to take more photos so I had a few more than I normally do for this week. ;D


Jen Wilson Designs Laundry Line Daniel
Jen Wilson Designs Laundry Line Molly
Jen Wilson Designs Merry Days of Christmas fifth
Jen Wilson Designs Worn Foam Stamps series two
Katie Pertiet Journaling Brushes-n-Stamps
Fonts: High Tower Text, Susie's Hand, Ursa

I read on the kit of the month blogspot that those Project 365 back orders are being filled and shipped.  That's some good news for a lot of people.  There were some great ideas and tips over there.  Click here for the link.

My favorite tip on there so far was this one from Laura Vegas:

i keep telling people NOT to stress about taking a photo EVERY single day ... and that it's ok to skip here and there. for the first few weeks, i was really good about getting a photo every day. but my last two weeks, i wasn't quite so good about it. but i didn't stress or worry about it. i just took my camera out at the end of the week, walked around the house, and snapped all my photos at once. it doesn't make the album any less meaningful or change the idea behind the album. i'm still documenting our lives and all the little things that have gone on during the week.

Mostly because this is what I do! ;D

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