Project 365 Template + Kreativ Blogger

I was struck by more inspiration and decided to use it towards the Project 365 again.  Just wanting to put some stuff out there for anyone who might be looking for inspiration or ideas.  I made a template in Photoshop for those of you wanting to do a little digi work.  Here it is...


Download template here.

And then here's the layout that I did with it...


Supplies Used:
Template Jen Maddocks Designs
Anna Aspnes Weathered Neautrals Cotton
Jesse Edwards Winterfest smallswirl, dkfloral
Jen Maddocks Year Brush
Fonts: PhaisarnFixed, Baskerville Old Face, Garamond

My friend Michelle honored me with a Kreativ Blogger award...


I am very honored by this, thank you Michelle.  Michelle is one of those great unexpected gifts in life.  I met her this summer thru the Scrapbook Etc Ultimate Summer Challenge.  She is a gem!  She is so very talented and creative!  I have to turn around and nominate 7 blogs that I feel deserve this award...she is definitely one...and NOT just cause she nominated me...but I don't expect her do do this again...cause around and around it would go.  Either way check out her blog...she's extremely talented with scrapbooking, card making and her YouTube videos are great!  She also just got picked up by Design Team.  Keep up the great work! ;D

Kendra...I haven't known her that long but she is super nice.  She is a 100% digi scrapbooker.  She does great work.  I love reading her posts. bff here in Colorado. ;D  She doesn't have a blog per se.  She has a Shutterfly site with her photos on it and she posts updates there.  She is a great photographer.  She scraps with me when we go to crops and boosts my ego by telling me how much inspiration I give her.  ;D  She just got into digi scrapping...yay I turned you to the dark side!  You are doing awesome btw!  She is a great person and friend!

Jen Wolff...her photography blows me away!  She is super super talented.  I know she is going to go far!  She is super nice too.  So down to earth and kind!

Pamela's World of Scrap...She is a very talented scrapper.  She's got a great blog.  Whenever I'm feeling a lack of inspiration I head over there and something I see always helps me out.

Well...that's 5.  That's gonna have to do.  The other blogs I frequent are more along the lines of  "celebrity" blogs and so I'm sure they don't need this "award"!  LOL!

4 Responses

  1. Jen Wolff
    I cannot take credit for the jazzed up Kreativ Blogger image. I googled the award to find out more about it and someone else had the image and I liked it better.
  2. Love the template... thanks for sharing!!! {{HUGGS}} Michelle
  3. Jen Wolff
    Thanks for the award Jen and all the blog love! You are so kind!!! I love this template!! TFS!! I'll totally be using it!
  4. Fun template! I love it. And thanks for the are too sweet. :)