Project 365 Catch Up

I am playing catch up with Project 365.  How is everyone doing?  Do you want some news that might make you feel better (if the answer is I'm doing terrible)?  I am completely skipping week 14...which was two weeks ago.  It was a horrible week for me.  I didn't take any photos.  I was getting ready for the crop weekend.  I didn't feel inspired at all...I was focusing on getting the heck out of dodge!  I suppose I could have ditched the entire project.  But the next week I did a fabulous job of taking photos and getting back into the swing of things.  Perhaps a weekend away is just what I needed!  In any case...if you had a day...or a week...or two...or maybe even a month of doesn't mean you can't pick it back up again! ;D

This week I decided to go back to this template.  I also chose to do all my photos in either black and white or sepia.  I like the effect!


paper essential bases no.4 Lynn Grievenson
strung flowers, numbers from elizabeth digital kit Lynn Grievenson
Sun Prints No3 Postage Stamps Katie Pertiet
template Jen Maddocks Design
font Arno Pro, Pea Swimmy Script

1 Response

  1. corey
    Hey, I took one of those pics! I don't remember it being B/W though...? Hmmm...