I was inside trying to take some photos for my assignment this week for Oh Shoot! I look out back and see the girls out there.  I decided to go out and "practice" on them. ;D

So I'm out there and some excellent opportunities come up.  Not for what I wanted for my class but...

First of all the girls were being adorable and investigating things.  I love shots like this...


And Laney is so good to pose for me.  She wants to be the subject in all my photography assignments.  She is constantly asking me about it.  How cute is THAT!

Laney posing for me

Then Laney was kicking around the soccer ball and I was taking shots of her and they were coming out blurry.  "Wait!  I know what to do...think, think, think!"  I remembered last week's class on shutter speed.  I had my camera set to aperture priority for what I was trying to do inside for this week's assignment.  So I switched it to shutter priority and went from this...

slow-shutter THIS...


Yay me for remembering!  I may just get this manual thing down! ;D

2 Responses

  1. Kendra
    You are doing great Jen! I pretty much only shoot in manual now.
  2. You are doing a wonderful job!! Love the photos! And I agree I love it when the children are curious and investigate things!!