The interesting thing about putting things in my blog:  I tend to do them.  Funny how that works.  So we did go to "da pewl" today and I did take my camera and I did take photos of the girls in the deep end.  They did quite well posing for me...and I didn't even have to ask!!!  Ava even did some of the strokes she learned in her lessons...and she hasn't done them in...well since her lessons!!!!  I think she learned just enough to swim over her head and got just enough confidence for that and reverted back to the dog paddle.  What's up with THAT? 🙂

In the deep end Laney is convinced she has to hold her nose.  But in the shallow end she doesn't.  I'm not sure what that is about but after I was done taking photos I was talking to her about it cause she wants to start learning how to dive and I told her she can't if she's pluggin' her nose.  So she tried swimming without plugging it...in the deep end...and she did totally fine.  I was chuckling to myself.  She cracks me up with the way she thinks and views life and certain things.

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