Pool, Rollerblades and a Kite

I did this layout yesterday of some photos I took of the girls at the pool.  They were jumping into the pool a lot yesterday and I had the camera in my bag so I just snapped a few.  Ava swam the length of the pool 4 times yesterday and Laney was able to dive to the bottom of the deep end to retrieve Ava's goggles.  Seems like every time we go they are doing more and more.  I love it!!!  They amaze me!

Last night Ava tried rollerblading for the first time.  I swear that girl can pick any sport and learn it in like 5 minutes...and be fairly good at it.  Corey worked with her for not very long before they were calling me outside to see the progress she had made.

And Laney was playing with the little boy across the street and he had a kite and she was taking turns with him running up and down the street with it.  How cute!

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