Pool Dayz

The pool at our rec center is open for the summer. It gets so hot here in the suburbs of Denver so we live there during the summer. It’s not a bad place to be!

The weather has not really been cooperating, however. And the kids just can’t stand it! I told them to be patient and in a few days it will be hotter than blazes…it always is. After a few moments of thought this is what they came up with, “But Mom, what about the indoor pool?” Oh man! I thought I had a few more days of just laying around the house! How did they get to be so smart?! So we were off.

It was a little rocky…Laney was nervous as usual and Ava thought she remembered how to swim without her swimmies but there were some things that she forgot! But they sure did have fun! We were there for 3 hours! And did they ever sleep good that night!!!






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