Picking Up…where they left off

Yesterday when I picked up the girls from school they were standing so politely waiting for me in car pool.  They weren't fighting or running around or being bad.  Just talking.  Smiling.  Ava got in the front.  Laney in the back.  Laney says, "I think its my turn to sit in the front."  Ava says, "Oh yeah."  And they switch.  No arguing or bickering or whining or ANYTHING!  Who are these girls and where are the REAL ones????

I ask them about their days expecting to hear something major...good or bad...I didn't care.  Nope.  Nada.  Just that it was awesome and that they pretty much picked up where they left off when they left school in May.  Sheesh.  Not that I WANT drama, by any means...but none what-so-ever?...again...who are these girls and where did mine go? ;D  Take it while I can get it right????

So I did a layout last night and today.  A template actually.  About...none other than what's going on right now in my life...



Time Flies Template JMDesigns
So Fancy paper JMDesigns
Flower Petals paper JMDesigns
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DD Web Challenge 8-9-09 Freebie Katie Pertiet
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Are you going through any kind of transition right now?  Are your kids back to school yet or headed there soon?  How are you feeling with these new changes happening or looming before you?

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  1. I am in the transition of have all my kiddos in school. I am telling you, the last 2 mornings have been so quiet. Sarge and I were discussing today that this is going to be an adjustment for us! He kept asking me all morning what my plans for the day were. I finally had to tell him to stop or I would have to make plans to go to the nut house!
  2. Wendy
    Yes who are those girls!! That is absolutely, positively wonderful!! Doesn't it just make your heart smile when your girls are happy! I am hoping Michael has the same attitude...under two weeks to go! Tomorrow I have to contact the school as we haven't received any paperwork on who his teacher is and when the parent/teacher conference is...Ekk...clueless here! Love the template..too sweet!! Awesome to see last years and this years photo comparison! They've grown!