Photoshop Tutorial Text Design

Working with text can be really fun.  Especially when you use it for design purposes.  Here's a Photoshop Tutorial about an easy Text Design.


1.  Open a new PS file.  I did mine as an 8 1/2 x 11" document because I'm going to print it for one of my scrapbooks and that is the size printer I have. ;D

2.  Create a new layer and draw a text box in whatever size you wish.


3.  Take your text and paste it in the text box you just created.  I wrote my text out in Microsoft Word and then cut and pasted it from there.


4.  Create a new layer and choose the custom shape tool.  Then select whatever shape you wish.


5.  With the shape layer selected right click.  In that fly out menu choose Create Clipping Mask.


6.  When you do that your image should look like this...


Voila!  You have done it!  Easy peasy!  After that I added some other elements to it and the final product looks like this...


I printed my out on a transparency and am going to put it as an overlay in the Moab section of my scrapbook.  I'll try to post about that tomorrow or the next day.

Questions or comments welcome! ;D

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