Photo Editing

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  1. I saw this too...looks good!! Now to find the time, lol...Maybe by then I'll have some time for myself. Upset my Sister in law today as she gave me a project that doesn't need to be done until Sept. 5th and she wanted it done by tomorrow...Sigh! I told her NO and she was NOT happy, Oops!! Just love family and their projects they put off on me! So how was your week? LOL
  2. & don't ya just love that it is free? Yay FREE!
  3. Jen... thanks so much for posting this... I'm going to do this... what a great treat!!! I'll have to do it first thing to make sure I get in... I have it on my calendar... Hope you're doing well and your vacation was fun and restful... I'm still trying to get my energy back... love the stuff you've been doing... I just haven't had a moment since we got back to comment... it's been crazy busy here... Haven't had any time to scrap or be creative in any type of way... nephew is staying here and he's in the studio, so my time there is VERY LIMITED... feeling very deprived of my space and time... rambling... sorry... best go, Rainee just woke up... and my day has begun... have a fab everyday!!! {{HUGS}} Michelle