Peak to Peak

Last weekend we took a drive through the mountains to see the foliage.  Believe it or not...the whole 6 years we have been living here we haven't done that.  Maybe its because the foliage here, while beautiful, just doesn't really compare to where we grew up...New England. ;D  I will say that there isn't anything that compares to the Rocky Mountains!  Except maybe the ocean.

We drove on the Peak to Peak highway.  It was really beautiful.  I love what Ava had to say about it.  "Mom, it was a lot of fun.  Except for the part when we were in the car driving.  That was really boring."

"But Ava, that was most of the trip.  The driving."

"I know."

These are just some of the many photos I took...

Black Hawk, a gambling town.  I took photos of the "older" part of town cause I found it more interesting.  No we didn't stop for gambling...just photos. ;D

Some foliage...with vistas...

Ava, taking photos with me.  Me taking photos of her. ;D

St. Malo Historic Church...

We ended up in Estes Park.  This time of year there are elk everywhere because it is mating season.  The males are in the rut and bugle constantly.  They even have what's called an Elk Fest.  It just happened to be the weekend we went up there.

5 Responses

  1. Jeni
    These photos are fabulous! You should be an ahtist, deah...
  2. what lovely photos... they are just beautiful!!! {{hugs}} Michelle
  3. Gorgeous photos! You're making me really, really miss Colorado right now.
  4. Wow, what a wonderful place! Wish I were there:)
  5. Wendy N
    Awesome photos!! I want to go :o)