Over the Weekend

I got some updated photos of Ava at her riding lessons on Friday.  She was working on posting.



We went mini golfing again.  I didn't bring my camera.  It was a good chance to use the camera in my new phone.  Just to see if it was any good.  Here are a couple of shots...not too shabby for a camera phone...



And then just because it is such a novelty for me...we saw a praying mantis when we got home from mini golf.  We didn't have these in Maine.  This was with my "real" camera...btw. ;D


What did you do over the holiday?  Oh, and half of Ava's room is painted...and somehow I recruited Corey's help...it went a lot faster.  ;D

4 Responses

  1. Wendy
    Ohhh I love the photos of Ava and her riding horse...sweet!! So what does she think of posting...I learned it when I was about 10 or 11 and loved to post...But then switched to riding western and of course driving horses...I so love that Ava is able to take riding lessons...wish you had been my Mom :o) I absolutely love the photo of you and Corey...you look fantastic Ma'am...I think bike riding is paying off...Your camera takes great photos too...Wow!! Awesome praying mantis...we used to catch them as kids and feed them until they did their egg sacs and then let them go...I found a baby one on the tractor the other day and took it and showed it to Michael...I think they are sooo cool...Looks like y'all had a great weekend!! Lots of quality family time, beautiful!
  2. Jeni
    Love love love the photo of you and Corey! Print one off and mail it to me!!!!! It's perfect!!! Also love the praying mantis, Richard hatched some last year but we think they all ended up dying...we're so nurturing... Great blog day!
  3. Jill
    What I did over the worlds cruddiest weekend. Hubby got sinus infection. Ryan got some infection that gave him a 102 fever. Baby got a cold. I am pretty sure I burried myself in the backyard. So not sure how I am typing this. Havent slept theh last 3 nights. Ryan has been really sick but did not end up in the hospital. which as u know is a huge blessing. Oh and to top it all off we tried to strangle the babys feet with his new shoes. he was screaming and in pain and we finally figured out his shoes were too tight and his poor little feet were swollen. he's ok now. ALSO some good news!! Ryan as sick as he has been. Has been using the potty. Used it in public and took himself 3 times today. WOoHOO. See not all is lost. much love
  4. karin
    Where do you take Ava for her riding lessons? I would love to get Lexi in a few. Great photos!!!