Have you noticed in your family that opposites attract?  Personalities that is.  Corey and I are opposite personalities.  Laney is pretty much like Corey...personality-wise and Ava is exactly like me.  This can cause conflicts...as well as "favorites".  What I mean by that is...certain members of the family are "naturally" drawn to others and others frequently bash heads.  While I don't like to foster this and take sides or anything like that...it is just something Corey and I have noticed.  Take for example...Ava tells Corey everything...in the morning especially on the weekends when we sleep in...Ava comes in and goes over to Corey's side of the bed and tells him everything...mostly just small little things.  It doesn't bother me...it's just interesting.  Makes sense.  They get along really well...they are opposites.  But get this...when it's something REALLY important she comes to me.  The other morning she came into our bedroom.  I heard her.  I expected her to go to his side of the bed as usual and all of a sudden she was on my side saying, "Mom!  Mom!  I just lost a tooth!"

"Just now?"

"Yeah.  And it's bleeding.  What do I do?"

"Put the tooth on the kitchen counter so you don't lose it and grab a tissue or paper towel and put it in your mouth where it's bleeding and it will stop soon."

So she left and took care of it.  And I lay there thinking about how she tells Corey everything...except major stuff like that...she wants me and tells me.  I thought Corey was asleep.  But he wasn't.  And a few minutes later he broke the silence and said, "Did you notice how she comes in to tell me everything but with that she came to your side of the bed and told you?"

I laughed.  Was just wondering...Do you have this kind of thing happen in your family?

Here she is...at the Fall Festival...holding a chicken...in the petting zoo. ;D  Again...so different from Laney who wants to hold one but is too scared to...

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  1. okay... I'm scared of the chicken... Ava is very brave... tell Laney not to feel bad I wouldn't do it either... great photo. M