One Road Ends…Another Begins

I must announce the closing of Scrapflower's PU store.  Such a sad thing.  I was hoping it could gain ground and make another go.  Alas it was not to be.

I am also announcing the closing of my store at Oscraps.  Don't panic anyone!  I am not leaving designing.  I am not closing up shop forever I am not going away.  I am moving...stores. ;D  I cannot tell you where I am going.  Unfortunately that is the nature of this buisness.  However I can tell you that is is gonna be so great!  Hang on to your hats!!!!!!

Meanwhile let's have a closing up shop sale:


Please stay tuned to my blog, FB, newsletter and Twitter.  I'm around!  Busy busy busy!!!

1 Response

  1. ElaineM
    sorry to see you leave o'scraps. it is my fav shop and how I found you in the first place. :(