One of my favorite things…

...about Corey is how he always tells the girls he loves them.  This is important because I don't think I ever heard it verbally from my dad and I don't think I've ever heard Corey's dad say it to him either.  It is interesting to me that he seems to have no problem saying it.  As a girl/woman I know how important this kind of thing is to hear from your dad.  Knowing my girls are hearing it from their Dad makes my heart happy.  That was one of the many sounds I heard this morning as everyone was getting ready.  Corey yelling, "I love you!" as Laney raced out the door for car pool.  Ava was already outside as it was 10° (yes. brrr.) and wanted to prove some point of waiting out in the cold. ;D

Last night I was feeling creative.  I had some paper I had just gotten from Gina Miller that I knew would go perfectly with what Laney was wearing yesterday sledding.  So I made a layout. ;D  Here she be!


Layout credits here.

2 Responses

  1. Wendy
    Aww Corey is a good man and a GREAT dad!! How sweet and yes it is important to hear those words over and over again! I love the layout, beautiful. Love the title and the brushes/overlay is really nice too!! Great photos too, another awesome memory captured!
  2. corey
    It was 6° actually ;) I love you too, by the way!