On a Digital Roll

I'm still delving into digital stuff.  Doing a little with it every day now...along with my regular scrapbooking.  Did a little hybrid work today.  So...still on the fence?  Well...everyone likes something for free right???  The above template came from designerdigitals.com in the freebies section.  The designer is Kellie Mize.  She's got some great stuff on their site.  To access the freebies you must create an account with Designer Digitals, however its worth it...and this is why:  if you are still on the fence about digital designs and scrapbook layouts and want to try some things without spending a lot of money yet you can download some of these freebies (as I have) and mess around with them and see if you like doing digital work.  Risk free!!!  I don't know what will happen to you but it has whetted my appetite for more!!!  Maybe I'll fill up my cart tonight...:D

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