Oh Shoot! is Over…or is it?

My Online Photography class Oh Shoot! is over.  It is kinda sad...but kind of a relief too.  I learned a lot...but I'm tired and I need a break.  So I'm not sure if I'm a better photographer yet or not.  I know to get there you need lots of practice...I'm convinced some of it is just luck. Also it's just taking like a million photos and getting one perfect shot out of the bunch.  Some days I just have it all together and it seems like I totally know what I'm doing.  Other days I wonder if I should just turn it back to auto!!! So is Oh Shoot! really over?  If I want to be a photographer...and yes I do...I believe it will be a lifetime journey.  And you live for the days when you take photos like this...


Anna Aspnes Hipster Plume Korners N Edges No.3

2 Responses

  1. Ann
    HI Jen, OMG you are a great photographer already for sure, I think. I love this picture "such a Beauty" Please accept from my heart this complement. Ann
  2. Excellant!! I think you do an excellant job with your photos!! You are correct practice makes perfect but in my opinion you need to make sure you have fun with your camera!! We all have days where the photos just plain suck but then we always manage to capture that one that makes up for all the bad ones!! Have a great weekend!!