Of Late

Days pass and I realize I haven't put anything on my blog.  It bothers me some.  But not as much as I thought it was going to.  With the whole moving thing.  I guess I've just decided realized that there is only so much I can do.  Part of me hates that but the other part of me is content to maneuver around the boxes and the mess...as long as I have a few things that resemble "me" or "normalcy".


Moving costs a lot of money no matter how much you plan.

The stress of moving has caught up with the girls.  Ava is sick of going to school and is tired and moody.  Laney is having nightmares.  I'm so thankful we are now officially on spring break.  It will be nice to veg and relax.

I like having a large kitchen.

I've been feeling very domestic.  I've been focusing on that more than my blog and designing.

Skits behaves better when we just praise the heck out of the good behavior and ignore (ie having accidents) the bad.  He is a goober...and we love him for it.  He loves, loves, loves being outside!  Even when it looks like this...

Winter is going out with a bang here.  Skits loves just sitting out in the snow and blizzard conditions.  I TOLD you he was a goober! ;D

I am feeling a lot better physically...which makes everything else feel better.  I still don't have any answers about my health.  I'm just as frustrated to report that as you are to hear it.

I've been doing more baking lately.  I told you I was feeling domestic.  Today I made mini muffins.  My family was VERY pleased at this venture!!!

Laney helped me pick these out the other day.  Something else to make the house seem more "homey".  They are getting very good at making fake flowers look real!

And lastly some photos of the girls' artwork...

4 Responses

  1. Wendy
    Ekkk...I missed it!! Sorry! Happy Birthday!! Big Hugs!! I'll be back in cyber land next week, so much to catch up on...Hope you had a good day!
  2. I am glad you are feeling better - and give yourself a break with the adjustments of moving...it is SUCH a hard process - you are through the worst of it, just hang in there. :-) Love that owl picture Ava made!
  3. Jeni
    Love your new magnolia logo!! They're one of my top 5 favorite flowers/trees...whatever. Can't believe Ava on the horse-amazing! So glad that she's getting great lessons, such a gift. Love the silhouette of Laney. Always wanted one of the boys *sigh*. Don't know if that will ever happen. Try to get them to sit still long enough-ha ha! Glad to hear you're settling down, sorry to hear you're still sick. Maybe when the weather gets nicer and you can get outside. My poor friend. If I were closer I'd make you a chicken. (for supper, not turn you into one...) I wish you the nicest of birthdays, I miss and love you very much.
  4. Tona
    Jen, Really enjoyed your site! You are very talented! I would love to have a foodie blog this nice. Thanks for your words on Katie's site! We will miss the kids and her. Take care...and I hope you feel better. Graci had issues and we took her to Dr. Melamed 303 773 9000 Btway where did you move b/c we have our home 4 sale and we want trees!!