1.  I can no longer have a "laundry day" anymore where I do all the laundry in one day.  If I do that it piles up too much and it is very hard to catch up.

2.  Ava can fix her own hair as well as Laney's.  She doesn't do it often.  But when she does it is adorable.


5.  Ava is starting to look "herself" again now that her adult teeth are coming in.  She is finding eating easier! ;D

4.  We went to the library today and the girls behaved.  And not just behaved but were quiet and respectful.  They didn't fight or fool around.  They found books and found a quiet corner and looked at their books.  Ava even read to Laney.  Who stole my kids and replaced them with these two???

5.  Some things about being a parent are getting easier.  A lot more are getting harder.

6.  The girls are understanding the workings of our family.  When Corey and I "play" with each other.  When it is appropriate to do certain things and not others.  When things are real and when things are just figure of speech.  They laugh when mom and dad play jokes on each other.  They are learning so much about our world and I'm amazed at just how much they comprehend...and I love it when we all laugh together.  It is the highlight of my day!

4 Responses

  1. Ann
    Thank you for your wonderful blog, great 365 project love it.
  2. I am NOT looking forward to Michael shedding his teeth!! Ugh!! But yes to the permanent teeth when they do come in...LOL to laundry...No comment! As to the girls growing up isn't it sweet!! I remember the first conversation I had with Michael and I almost cried and now he is non stop chattering, lol...He's getting a bit sassy too, Yikes!! But it's fun to watch our children grow, very entertaining! LOL
  3. I can't do laundry all in one day either! Yesterday, I went to the library all by myself! What a treasure it was to not have to chase after a 2 1/2 year old that only uses his inside voice when he is "talking" on the phone! Thanks so much for the blog inspiration today!
  4. This is so fun.... I'm going to have to do this... you are such an inspiration... thanks.