Not part of the family

This morning Laney and Ava were arguing about some pencils they got for Christmas.  I guess there was some confusion as to which pencil belonged to which girl.  Not in Ava's mind.  Somewhere in there Laney said something to the effect of it didn't really matter anyway.  With that said Corey politely asked Laney to give the pencils that Ava wanted to her and take the other ones...since "it didn't matter" and it would "make Ava happy".  Well Laney didn't like that one bit.  So we spent the next few minutes explaining and giving examples to Laney of making other people, in a family, happy even when you don't want to.  Examples of when Ava has done it for her.  When I do it for Corey like when I take his laptop or phone to him at work when he forgets it...and he forgets a lot...and I don't want to.  Or when I have to go pick him up in a hail or lightning storm when he is on his bike and it wasn't convenient (and he should have looked at the weather before leaving).   Real life examples of things that have happened to us that I figured she would remember...she was there for the time I had to pick up Corey when he was bike riding.  I don't remember everything surrounding it but I remember all three of us had to drop what we were doing and drive in the horrible weather and go get him. ;D

After many examples and much thought and still pouting Laney came to the conclusion, "Pencils are NOT part of the family!"

3 Responses

  1. Ann
    Wow, she is so smart and creative in some way, you are going to have your hands full. Love the story, those pencils deserve their own LO jeje. Ann
  2. Wendy N
    I read this this morning and I've been chuckling all day thinking about it! Isn't there a quote somewhere about reasoning with a youngster?
  3. Jill
    Too Funny.