No Big Deal

Today was the first day of school for the girls.  And it was no big deal around here.  For anyone.  Except me. What is up with THAT?!  Last night they were getting ready for bed and it was just like any other night.  Corey was getting his stuff ready to bike commute.  "You aren't going to ride to school with us in the morning?"  I asked him.  "Should I?"  he responded. "They are moving from one grade to the next.  It's not that big a deal."  This is true...

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Last night I read my post from one year ago today.  Oh how things have changed.  I guess I was expecting a day like  I'm not sure why.  Both girls are returning students.  Laney is just going all day...that is the only big difference.  I'm home alone...again...just all day.  So I guess the only real milestone here is for me and I'm the one with all the emotions and no where to go with them.  ;D

So I'm home.  Cleaning the house...which REALLY needs it.  Gonna bake some banana bread with the bananas that are really looking sad.  Gotta wash the dog...cause he rolled in something disgusting and he smells like a rotten fish.  Normal everyday stuff.  Just like how everyone else has been acting.  But I feel like a part of my life had ended or died or something.  When I brought my babies home from the hospital I thought they would always be with me.  Then I thought, gosh, I'll never get them off me!  LOL!  Now they are off to school where they belong...I know.  It's just strange.  And quiet.  And nice.  And sad.  All at the same time.



4 Responses

  1. okay... don't know what happened to my comment... but here goes again... enjoy the time... you'll need it when they get home... snacks, dinner, homework, bedtime routine... it's you're time to regain some energy while they are at school and get some creative things done... enjoy it... I'll be praying for you... because I know I'm going to be needing it too when when Rainee goes to school in a few weeks... take care... As for Cory... it's a guy thing... Steve would say the same thing!!! We are the ones who notice the little things that will never come again. Enjoy them!! {{HUGS}} Michelle
  2. Ann
    Oh yes, I can relate to the "no big deals", my first big deal not recognized was when Melissa graduated from the smallest size of diapers to the next one, and I said how could be so quick she is only one week old, and from that point, all has been so quickly. Give yourself a time to enjoy your great work well done as a Mom and do something for YOU! when the chance is there. My DD start on the 24th almost here .... Love the pictures, actually I see a change on them growing up too! Ann
  3. Wendy
    ROFLMBO...I am NOT laughing at you Jen but the incredibles video...Oh sides hurt...That was me before Michael started school, the dad that is wondering what is wrong with these Mothers and their kids having to have a kinder graduation, what is the big deal? sheesh! LOL...Then me, the Mom when he had is kinder graduation...I was all emotional...sheesh...darn'd if you do and darn'd if you don't...It is an emotional roller coaster and it ain't pretty...You need some time to adjust...sounds like you stayed busy and that is good...My turn is on the 24th...ugh! I love the photo of the girls...beautiful, gorgeous and looking so bright and chipper!! Fantastic job! So how did their first day of school go? I want to get a photo of Michael after his first day...kind of before and after, lol...Good luck tomorrow...I should be here if you need some emotional support...Good luck :o)
  4. I cleaned today too. I was going to do it this weekend, but didn't get around to it. Now my kiddos have a clean room. One of these years, my kids are gonna get so mad at me when I clean their room!