New Shop on my Blog!

I think it is rather funny that 8 years ago I started with a shop on my blog and now here I am again with a shop on my blog!!!  Funny how things come around like that.

Did you know that I have a shop on my blog now?  If you look up at the top tabs you will see it in the list.  I don't have all my products in there...just a few.  But I will be adding more so keep checking.

It's time to highlight an old favorite of mine...ARTAND Montage...


Probably will always be one of my favorite kits.  Yes, I do have favorites. ;D

Let's highlight some recent layouts from my fantabulous team!!!

A Birds Eye Art and Movement Butterfly Effect In-the-Park On the Edge web Soul Turn your Mind

I hope you enjoy the return of this kit as much as I do!!!



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