New Products

I've got two new products in the store for you.  The first one is called Floral Overlays.

The second is called Button Up Blue.

I'm still sick.  It is so sucky.  I went back to the dr on Friday and got more medicine.  Some steroids and inhalers.  Maybe I'll get better someday.  I don't know why I've been sick so long or why this particular round of sickness is hanging on so long.  If I'm supposed to learn something through all of this I have no idea what it is.  Corey says he's not cut out to be a single parent.  He's right.  He also says I need one of those pill dispensers that old people have to keep track of all the meds I take.  I laughed at that one.  He's not far from the truth.  Gotta laugh at something.  I've been crying way too much.

I have made a decision on Capture 365.  Some of it comes from being so sick.  I'm going to do it monthly.  I like to do other layouts too much to do 365 as well.  But I like the concept.  I think a monthly layout is a good compromise.  Here's what I'm working on so far.  I'll show it again at the end of January when it is completed.  Templates rock...especially when you are sick! ;D

Supplies January Calendar, Woodsy Paper, Button Up Pink all Jen Maddocks Designs

2 Responses

  1. great idea... will have to take you up on this one... just don't know if I have photos for every day!! love love love it! {{hugs}} Michelle
  2. Wendy
    Love the new items, You rOCK!! Love how your doing the 365 and the template, good luck!! I hope the new meds are working and your feeling a bit better today!! Keep resting...Laughing at Corey's comment about keeping track of meds...It isn't easy! Take care and get BETTER!!