New Products + Weekly Freebie

I may have found my groove as well as Ava starting to find hers with homework.  I'm starting to feel a bit more comfortable with the girls being gone and finding inspiration and time to design.  It is not how I imagined it would be.  Life never is.  I think it is funny how I'm a planner by nature and yet my life NEVER goes the way I plan or envision the plan.  What is up with THAT?  I don't get it.

So I designed two paper packs this week.  Every week I think, ah, I'm so in love with this paper I'll never top it...and yet the next week somehow I come up with something new that I love even better.  How is THAT possible?  {HUGE GRIN}

May I present...



And the weekly freebie...



I hope you enjoy.  Share with me what you create.  I'd really like to post challenges and contests on my blog.  I've done it before with not a ton of response.  I know everyone is so busy.  Anyone have any suggestions???  As always I welcome your comments...they mean so much!  Have a fan-tab-u-lous weekend!

2 Responses

  1. you're right every week they just get more lovely and more lovely... I love these new papers... great job... and thanks for the freebie!!! {{HUGS}} Michelle
  2. Jill
    Hey. Stuck at home didn't get to go to church. Bummer. But I did want to say "What a fabulous use of purple in your new papers!" Way to go u rock as always. And I'm glad you are getting settled in with your new found freedom. I look forward to mine one day with the underlying sadness of what it means. Which is my baby will grow up. He's so sweet. Ok enough of that. Good Job on your new stuff. Keep it up.