New Post…no photos

I couldn't be more busy.  Or more lacking in computers to do things.

I got a new job at My Life and Scrap.  So I am now a designer at two places.  I'm working my tail off to get my new products together so I can open my store at MLAS.  My nice fancy computer Corey got I could be a "real" designer and work in a "real" office...the motherboard died.  THEN he gave me a replacement that was, bless his heart, slower than death.  So I went back to my laptop and was working across the network.  THAT was even slower.  So he went to get my data off my brand new hard drive and the case that he put it in blew it up.  He went to see if it (the hard drive) really was dead and put it in the slower than death puter...and it blew the mother board in that one.  So I am computer-less...except for my trusty...knock on wood...laptop.

So now Corey's in data recovery mode.  Trying to get all my data back.  Yikes.

So I'm trying not to stress.  And trying to work.  I ALSO am going to be guest CT at ScrapArtist in Aug.  I also have 3 speed scraps and a challenge I'm hosting at DSM.

Oh and btw...did I mention that I have to have my renal filter out on Friday?  The one they put in April to stop the blood clots from reaching my heart?  So I have to stop coumadin, start lovenox (yeah those pleasant shots) and go in for that...supposed to be an outpatient procedure...but when they put a catheter down your kinda hurts for a few days!  Also they say if there is a blood clot in it (the filter) then it has to stay in there for life...which has its own issues.

Yeah.  It just doesn't stop around here.

So I don't have access to any pretty pictures to show you...or any previews to any new products...or my challenge at DSM or the Freebie you can get if you do the speed scrap on Aug 2.  Sorry folks.

But I wanted to let you know I hadn't fallen off the face of the earth...just yet! ;D

4 Responses

  1. Jeni
    Oh yeah, it's all about you.... ;D You know I'm kidding, girl! But seriously, couldn't you do things a little less "Omigosh-y!!!"??? Will be praying, and know I love ya!
  2. Ann
    OMG Jen, that is horrible, but do not worry about the PC you hon would take care of you, he always does, no? Now,that thing you would get done Friday may not be any fun, I hope you get all better soon. Shout to us if you need us. Ann
  3. I wish you a quick recovery too and God bless you! Always try to think positive! Hugs
  4. Wendy N
    Yikes! I sure hope things get better soon computer wise! Sounds like Corey was having an awful time. You sound good and hope they can take the filter out, big hugs for a quick recovery!