New Moon

jane new moon poster

I have to get a little Twilight freaky right now.  Just eleven days till New Moon!  My amazing DH has already got a sitter for that Friday night.  He's ordering the tix now, AND he just sent me a great preview I haven't seen.  Maybe someone who might be more of a Twilight freak than me has seen this but even so...its worth watching again and again.

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3 Responses

  1. Ann
    Counting the days here for the movie, no tickets though. Can't wait. Thanks for the preview!! Ann
  2. "This may hurt just a little." hee. I really like this preview. Crossing my fingers that it's good and they got the special effects worked out for this film. :) Can't wait! :)
  3. WendyN
    LOL...I've got another girlfriend who is into the twilight series big time also...I tease her all the time...I might be babysitting for her that night too...She's had her tickets for weeks!