New Life

I'm not a baby person.  I mean I loved my babies but not really anyone else's...sorry people!  But my best friend just had a baby.  And there is something about when my friends have babies...I do want to be a part of it.  I do want to go and see them in the hospital...and I do want to hold them.  And when I do there is some kind of bond that forms.  And then I just want to hold them and love on them and care for them...forever!  It's so weird!!!  And babies don't really like me either...mine did...but no one else's...except these babies that I go visit in the hospital...something happens if I go visit them there and they seem to like me later...and I can hold them and they don't freak out on me like all other babies do...very weird!

In any case...there is something about holding a reminds you of all that's good an pure in this world.  Sigh...

Congrats to Jill and Jon and family...Jonathan is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!  Well done!!!! ;D

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  1. Jill
    You are so AWESOME! Thank you. Makes me cry in a good way. I love the page. much love me