New Layouts

The only thing that is keeping me from going completely crazy is 1} watching funny or romantic tv/movies and 2} working on my computer.  So I go back and forth between the two.  When I get sick of one...I do the other.  So I did a couple of layouts that I'll share.  And now I'm sick of the computer so I think I'll go watch something...and maybe try to get some sleep since I didn't get any last night.

Paper Date With Whimsy Jen Maddocks Designs, other elements not yet released Jen Maddocks Designs

Circle It II, Let's Dance, Floral Overlays all Jen Maddocks Designs, paper not yet released Jen Maddocks Designs

3 Responses

  1. beautiful... just beautiful!!! {{hugs}} Michelle
  2. Jeni
    You have such beautiful daughters. You're such a good Momma. Glad to hear you're feeling betterish. Love you!
  3. Wendy N
    Awesome photos and fantastic layouts!! Great job Mom...stay bored I'm liking these blog posts :o)