My head. In the sand.

I like to bury my head in the sand.  Sometimes. It is not part of my "regular" self.  It likes to come out and play when things flare up that remind me of childhood.  Usually in a fight or flight situation...I'd rather fight...get it all over with...and move on.  Most of the time. I don't like things hanging out there.  Drives me bananas.

Take these medical issues for example.  I'd rather get it all done at once rather than having it drag on and on and on for what?  Almost a YEAR now.  Sheesh.  So after burying my head in the sand for a week or two I went and saw the hematologist yesterday and made a plan to go after the IVC filter that's still stuck in more. time. Well, go see another surgeon who will look things over.  Not overjoyed.  But at least a decision has been made.  My head is out of the sand.  At least for now.

Seems like since school started things have gotten busy busy round here.  I've picked up with work.  Started my volunteer work at the girls' school.  Kids come home with plenty of homework.  Laney's dance has started.  Ava wants to join the band at school.  She wants to try bass.  So free moments are few and far between.  I find comfort in being busy.  I do.  And I do like it when the kids are gone...cause I can get a little more work done.

Here's my layout from the speed scrap on Monday.

I hope you are having a pleasant week! ;D

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