My First Layout

Ok…so this isn’t my first ever layout that I’ve ever done in the history of my scrapbooking journey.
It is, however, the first one that I am posting on my blog. Yay me!

This layout is of Ava’s 6th birthday. It’s us celebrating it as a family here at the house.
I don’t really have much to say about it in the way of design and all that. At least at this point.
I’m just so excited to have it completed. It sat on my table for awhile. I walked past it a lot and
I kinda do that with a lot of my layouts. I get going on them and then stop.
It’s not that I get stuck exactly. I know where it’s going. It’s just that I can’t quite seem
to get over the hump of some of my layouts and I don’t know why. It’s like I have to stare at
them for awhile before they can be completed. I was very much like that in my art classes all
through school. Have to analyze that one.

In any event…drum roll please…


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