My First GSO

Imagine waking up to the news that you have your very first Gallery Stand Out! ;D

I have never gotten one of these.  My focus has always been designing.  I do like to work with my designs of course and I love to scrapbook.  But I don't really do it for anyone but me...and my family of course.

We got back from South Dakota and I was looking at photos.  I picked my most favorite one and just started putting it down on a page.

Here it is...


My favorite photo of the trip was of my family...


I took the photo and turned their silhouettes into a mask and clipped in Mount Rushmore into the bottom.  I wanted what was most important to me about the trip to come across and I think it did.

I also used my kit Travel which went really well with it.

I hope you have a pleasant day...I know I will!!!!! ;D

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