My Favorite & My Best {Teenage Driver}!!!

I have a teenage driver in my house now.  A couple weeks ago when she went to take her permit test I was so nervous that she wasn't going to pass.  When she came thru the door and I asked her how it went THEN I was nervous that she DID PASS!!!  Yikes!!!  Life is so very interesting as you go thru the fazes of it with your children.

As we were reminiscing about it, memories of the Barbie Jeep that the girls had when they were little surfaced.  It was only fitting that I do a layout about it (see below). My new templates My Favorite & My Best {Story} 9 that are in my shop this week were just perfect for this!


Here's the layout I did with one of these templates.  Here's the girls in the Barbie Jeep in 2008 and then now while Ava is learning to drive in 2016.  Looks like Ava is still in the driver's seat!


Here are some more inspirations for you from my Creative Team...


I also have another new release in my shop...another installment of Urban Grunge.


Here are some inspirations for you...

UrbanGrunge10_jc_The Glass Ceiling_1000

acropolis 1000

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!



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