My Favorite and My Best

So I've been thinking over our vacation.  And rather than reinvent the wheel...Corey has an excellent summary of what happened over on his bloggage.

My favorite photo of our entire vacation is this one.  I love the expressions on their faces.  These are the expressions that I see everyday.  These are not "posed" expressions.  This photo happened like this...they were all standing in front of me just like this but they were looking at something else.  I pointed the camera at them and got it all focused and said, "Heloooooo people!" and they all turned toward me and I just clicked.  I love it!  These are my most favorite people in the entire world!!!

My favorite day of our vacation was when we went to Arches National Park.  We hiked The Devil's Garden Trail which turned out to be for us a 4 mile trail...2 miles out and then 2 back (it can be a lot longer if you want to do the entire loop) see some of the arches in The Devil Garden area.  We started early hoping to beat the heat...and we first.  But it got up into the 100's.  The girls were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!  The trail was pretty hairy in places.  It was the longest hike they have ever done!  And it was tough for adults.  There was a couple we kept passing and passing us and we caught up with them at the end of the trail almost to the parking lot and they were amazed that the girls made the whole trip!  It was totally worth the effort because the last arch we saw was at the end and it was Double O Arch and we all agreed it was the most beautiful of all the ones we had seen that day!  So my favorite arch was Double O Arch...

We rested there for a bit.  Ava found a nice rock to perch on...

The best unexpected thing that happened was how many lizards we saw and just how much enjoyment the girls got out of it.  We were on constant lizard watch after the first one we saw.  And then of course there are so many different looking ones.  I love the little things in life!!!  I've never seen one in person either so it was pretty cool.  The photo below is a lizard just below is a small one...but she was chasing it on the rock...if we hadn't stopped her she would have gone off the cliff to go after it.

The best thing that Ava said to me during vacation was when we were looking at the dinosaur tracks.  I was watching her take photos with her video camera.  I came up to her to see how she was doing and this is what she said...

"Mom, it's too bad we didn't bring white chalk with us."

"Why is that?"

"So we could mark all of the dinosaur tracks with 'x-s'."

"You mean like on a treasure map?"


"What a great idea!"

A few minutes later I caught her moving dust and dirt away from a track so she could get a better photo of it.  Gosh did it ever look like something I would do!!!

And the best thing that I learned about Laney that I didn't know she said was when we got home and Corey and I were talking about the trip he told me that Laney said she wanted to go back to Moab to have her birthday party.  Which is in December.  Precious!!!!

She did not want to leave Moab at all.  I knew this.  She was sad to go.  The girls both asked if the next vacation we take if we could go back there.  I agree!!!!

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