Mount Rushmore Vacation

Here are just a few of some of my favorite vacation to Mt. Rushmore photos that I wanted to share.

First we visited Devil's Tower in Wyoming.  Yes we made the girls watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind before going to see it.  I don't think they cared for it much even tho it was an iconic movie for me as a kid.  No space ships flew out of it and there was no landing strip on the back side. ;D  It was stunning!!!


Next of course was Mt. Rushmore itself.  I gotta say I was very impressed with it.  I wanted to go because I've always wanted to see it.  We live so close now I thought it would be a shame if we didn't see it in our lifetime.  The girls are the perfect age...not too old or young.



My favorite view was of it at night!


There were TONS of attractions and things to do as a family there.  The top one for our family behind Mt. Rushmore was Reptile Gardens.  The alligator show was stellar!  Here they all are lined up watching the "trainer" like he was their dinner. ;D


The girls got to hold a baby alligator.  Another very favorite pic of mine from the vacation.



Goodness there are more and I may have to do another post but I've sat on this post for a week now.  I've been interrupted so many times during the writing of this one.  I had better just post it before another week goes by and then it is time for another vacation!!!!!!!!!!  Things run so differently here when the girls are home from school. ;D


3 Responses

  1. jen
    Melissa...we were at Devil's Tower on the 17th and Mt Rushmore on the 18th. Such a small world!!! Elaine...yes we went to Badlands but I didn't post those pics yet.
  2. Did you get to the badlands in South Dakota? Absolutely phenomenal, even better than Mt Rushmore.
  3. Eeek! When were you at Devil's Tower and Rushmore?!?!? We were at Rushmore on June 18 and Devil's Tower on the 19th before driving down to spend some time in the Tetons! :)