Morning Bike Ride

This morning started carpool for the girls.  They get picked up in the morning by a friend of mine.  In the afternoon I pick up her kids and mine.  My intention is to ride my bike in the morning to get in shape since I don't have to drive the girls in to school.  Today was the first day.  I went 11 miles.  It was a good workout.


I'm still trying to work out my schedule now that the girls are in school.  What I want to do on certain days.  I can't quite figure myself out yet.  You would think with no one around I could find a routine quickly.  Funny how I could get more design work done when there was kids around and limited time on my hands.  I've been designing...but nothing is quite coming together for me.  Funny how things go that way.

2 Responses

  1. Ann
    Hey that is great! I am trying to exercise also.Ann
  2. Wendy
    Wow 11 miles good for you!! You're amazing and good for you getting out and getting some exercise! Love the photo too!! Great job! It will take awhile for you to get your schedule worked out. I think I walk around in a daze the first week and then I have to more or less force myself to get busy. Could it be due to emotional exhuastion from school starting...We seem to be on an adrenline rush and then after a week or two it all seems to sink in and we are just kind of numb!! My turn is coming, next Monday! Ekkk...I feel for you :o)