I haven't been taking many photos lately.  Seems like we've been doing the same things over and over.  And do I really want to take my camera every time we go to the pool???  I guess I just want to go there and actually relax and not have to worry about it.  Swim classes are over.  There aren't any events going on.  I've looked through my folders to post some new photos of the girls and all I've got is pool, pool, and more pool.  Figured besides me, whoever is viewing this blog...anyone?...anyone?...Bueller?...Bueller?...would probably be tired of viewing pool photos as well...maybe its just I've been doing several layouts of the girls and their pool adventures this summer and it just seems like that's all I've seen lately.  All that said perhaps tomorrow I should take the camera one last time before the season is over and they've gone back to school and we really don't go much anymore...after all both girls are swimming in the deep end of the pool now.  I mean what a change from Memorial Weekend when the pool opened and Laney was in swimmies and petrified to get into the water and Ava had forgotten how to swim and I had to go in and save her cause she was drowning.  Funny what getting in there and working with them a bit and swim lessons...hey someone other than Mom! whooohooo!...will do for them and their confidence.  Now they are both at the deep end jumping in like they have been doing it all babies are growing up right before me.  And you know what?  Its kinda nice to sit in the lounge chair at the edge of the pool and just selfish benefit...I have a great tan this year! 😀

I do have a current photo that has nothing to do with the pool.  Ava made a tower of markers the other day and wanted me to hold it so she could take a photo...Laney sneaked in usual. 😀

Oh and it's 19 days of 90+ degree weather and still counting...gonna be 100 tomorrow and end in we WILL be at the pool...big surprise!!!!

PS...this post is one that I've done scheduled for tomorrow (Aug 1)...first time I've used that feature...let's see if it works!!!

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  1. Saw your reply to Ali. Isn't it great being married to your best friend! Mariah/Byron
  2. It worked!!! The new post was sitting in my inbox when I logged in this morning!