Merry Christmas

Did you have a Merry Christmas?  We did!  Corey and I kept saying all last night and all today it was probably the best Christmas we have ever had.  He was so happy I did all the shopping early.  I had kind of forgotten all the stuff I had gotten and when we pulled it all out last night to wrap I was pleasantly surprised.  With the economy being what it is and stuff...I'm just very thankful that Corey got a bonus back when he did and I did nothing but spend it on Christmas like I did...just like we said we were going nothing happened to the money (before we turned around and it was gone)...It just lent to the entire stress free season.  We weren't up that late wrapping...only 11pm.  That is the earliest we have EVER been done since having kids.  I got a good mix of useful things and toys.  The lists the girls made really helped me this year.  They are old enough this year to understand that each girl can get totally different presents that don't have to be "even" or "equal".  That made it nice too.  I could buy presents according to their own likes and personalities and it made it easier than making it the same...cause they aren't the same age and their personalities are so different!

The girls were very happy with all the gifts and seemed very thankful.  It was just a very,very nice morning.  Ahh.  It doesn't get any better than this! ;D

I'm gonna try something a little different + new.  If you click on the photo below it will take you to my Lightroom gallery of Christmas photos.  ;D  Hope your day was fantastic!

merry christmas

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