It is fun going over all the photos from the last year.  It is easy to forget all the things that have happened over the last year.  There have been so many things!  I used this template and just chose a collection of pics to highlight 2009.  I love doing these types of layouts! ;D


Today it was warm enough for the girls to venture outside.  Not to mention it was warm enough for me to get out there with them for some photos. ;D








The girls made a fort in Ava's room today.  (I did not help them.) It turned out really well!  They want to sleep in it tonight. ;D


I love having the girls home on break.  It reminds me of when they are home for the summer.  I love them and miss them when they are at school all day.  Can you tell they have been good and not fighting?  If so I'd want to be shipping them back to school asap!!!! ;D  Wink wink!

5 Responses

  1. too much fun!! {{hugs}} Michelle
  2. As always, I love seeing photos of the girls. :-) Glad you are enjoying having them home - I am enjoying being home! Nice fort, too!
  3. Jill
    great photos. love the lo. think i will have to do one. Will probably get choked up over how much baby has changed this year. since he's only 1 and all. anyhow. i have not been feeling the same about break but the last 2 days the boys have calmed down maybe cause we put Ryan back in his old room. So i feel like i need a break from the. But iit has been wonderful being stuck inside with baby. He is so smart. He amazes me everyday. tired ttyl.
  4. WendyN
    Wow Jen the layout is extraordinary! I thought about doing it too but...hmmm maybe not, lol. Love the snow photos, beautiful! I'm loving having Michael at home, it's going to be hard when he goes back to school. We've been having fun just playing around the house. Thanks for sharing a bit of your Christmas break, love the photos!
  5. corey
    I think adults should Christmas break too!