Listening to the Sounds

I have been listening to the sounds in my home this morning.  They are sounds of a happy home.  I can say this because I grew up in a home that was not happy.  I make this statement not to have anyone feel sorry for me.  I don't even want to go there or write anything about it only to say that I know what unhappy is to compare the present to.  I hear the sounds of people saying good morning to each other.  I hear the sounds of a coffee machine going off.  I hear the laughter and giggles of my daughters playing something in Ava's room.  I hear Laney coming over and giving me a hug and a kiss and saying, "I love you forever."  I hear Corey moving around in the kitchen making breakfast for himself and Ava...egg has become a tradition they share.  I hear Ava telling Corey all about how she shoveled the driveway last night and how she got all the ice up so I wouldn't slip again and fall down.  I hear Laney say to Corey, "So how did it go last night?"  She was asking him about his night out with some coworkers at a restaurant.  And I know she knows how to ask it cause she has seen us model it.

You may read this and think well gosh this is all normal stuff.  When you grow up in a house that isn't normal...these things...these everyday relish them.  You lay on the couch soaking them all in.  You well up with tears because these moments...these ordinary moments are extraordinary!!!!  They are to me anyway.

My December Daily's from yesterday.  I was laying on the couch across the living room from Laney.  I was about to take a nap before going to get Ava from school.  I closed my eyes for a moment then opened them and she was doing this...

I grabbed my camera which was fortunately on the coffee table and snapped this photo.  She did not know I was taking it until after the fact.  I love unsupecting moments like this.  They are the BEST!!!!!

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