Lens Update

Bad news about my lens.  It bit the dust.  The error 99 is a general error and it happens to be the Tamron lens.  It quit working this morning.  I'm so incredibly bummed!  Fortunately I'm going to be able to return it and get my money back.  But what to do now.  Try again?  I can't decide.  Either way...for now I've got my old Canon lens on.  Working like a charm.  Of course I don't have the zoom on it like the Tamron.  Sigh.  Although the stress of it not working half the time vs. working even though it's not exactly what I want...worth it...I'll take a working camera any day.

On a brighter note...look what arrived in the mail today...

I just love new stuff.  Gosh...I don't like Heidi Swapp stuff or anything.  He he!  Found the album I'm supposed to have for the new class with Jessica Sprague.  Everywhere I looked it was sold out.  Found it on Addicted to Scrapbooking.  Figured since I was paying shipping anyway...;D

Also I updated my self portrait/photo on my sideblog.  Before the Tamron died.  I rather like it.  I was having fun that morning taking photos of myself...and I usually don't like to do it at all.  ;D

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  1. Jeni
    Omigosh I looooooove your new photo! You look so beeyootiful! (dearly not queerly, don't you know! :))