The girls were playing out back after school today.  Enjoying another warm day...before it gets cold and yucky tomorrow.  They asked me to come out back with them to see what they were doing.  It would have been so easy to say I was busy.  I didn't.  I went out there with them.  They were being adorable.  And I caught a couple of pictures of Laney playing in the leaves.  Ordinary moment...stop + look...extraordinary photos.

3 Responses

  1. Jill
    Awesome picture of Laney. I also really like the heading for your site. And please, please, please with sugar on top bring your camera and new lens to Thanksgiving.
  2. Okay, I love the new top... I love the photos... and you are so right... ordinary moments do become extraordinary, if we stop what we're doing and look. Great job!
  3. Vicki H
    Hello, just been looking at your blog! Great photography!!! Have a very BLESSED Thanksgiving!